Monday, May 21, 2018
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Networking your IT systems can streamline your general business practices, and open up windows of opportunity.

Adelaide I.T Solutions have implemented Server Environments to business throughout Adelaide. We audit your business and supply the right server solution for your business.

AITS only use quality server cabinet and rack manufacturers, right here in Australia. The cabinets we supply are fully lockable, toughened glass front door, fire-proof, vented top, sides and rear, have removable & lockable side and rear panels, and range in weight from 56kg to 167kg - too heavy for theft!

Why have a File Server?

Facilitate communications and Information

Using a network, people can communicate efficiently and easily via email, telephone/video telephone calls, and video conferencing.

Share Hardware & Equipment

In a networked environment, each workstation connected to the network may access and use hardware resources shared on the network, ie; printing a document on a shared printer.server adelaide

Share Files, Data & Software

Authorised user may access data and information stored on other computers on the network. The capability of providing access to data and information on shared storage devices is an important feature of many networks. Users connected to a network may run applications or programs on remote computers.

Security & QA

See who’s logged on and what applications they are using.

Server Install, Maintenance and Support

AITS have extensive experience in MS Exchange Servers and we can cater a specific solution to suit your business’ needs. Server maintenance is part of this service to ensure that your business runs as flawlessly as possible.

We quote, supply and install complete server systems, using the latest and most trusted hardware and software. This process includes;

· Re-Configuration of Profiles to Windows Server OS required

· Create additional logins for new users

· Create / Set Administrative rights to users using multiple machines.

· Set permissions and reset groups to conform to any new management / staff requirements.

· Installation of other applications & drivers required for day to day use, eg. Acrobat, MS Office etc

· Check file structure to conform to existing operations; modify and clean-up as necessary

· Create profiles for users to work with RDC (remote access)

· Set Data drive or shortcuts for systems as per existing workstations.

· Reconfigure printer for server and reset driver on workstations.

· Plus much more

Contact Mark today to setup your network or call 8358 0944 for more information.

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