Monday, May 21, 2018
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No Internet?

- Try switching off our modem for 20 seconds then turning it on again. In 90% of cases, a power restart will reinstate your ISP service.

- Check the cabling and plugs. Some lines can be easily knocked, particularly in high traffic areas and removed from  your modem or power point.

If you have ISP with AITS call 8358 0944 if these troubleshooting tips did not fix the problem.

What's my IP?

Not sure what you IP is? Or what OS you have?
Go to to see a summary of your system. This is a useful tool when requiring over the phone assistance.

No Images / Display on your Screen?

If your system is definitely powered, your monitor cables are securely plugged in and you can hear beeps, you may have a faulty video or graphics card. This is usually easily replaced, and in some cases you can fix  this by downloading the latest driver for your video card. This can be found by opening your Control Panel and selecting Device Manager, and then choosing Display Adapters. Right Click on your driver and choose Update Driver Software. if you are unable to troubleshoot this way, contact AITS on 8358 0944.

If there are no noises and no images, you may have a failed motherboard or processor. AITS will be able to determine the problem quickly for you and have back up and running quickly.

Dual Monitors - Windows 7?

Most graphics card today support multiple monitors. If your system does not, it is relatively inexpensive to purchase a graphics card with 2 (or more) video outputs.

Tip: Before installing any components on your pc, it is always good practice to backup your data. If you have no experience - leave installations to the techs!

If you already have a computer that can handle multiple monitors, just plug in your monitor, hook it up to the relevant VGA or DVI port and follow these simple steps:

- From your Desktop, right click and select "Screen Resolution".

- Click "Identify". This gives you numbers to identify your monitors. Drop and drag these to match your requirements.

- Once selected, check "Make this my main display".

That's it - you're ready to go!

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