Offsite & Cloud Backup

Be Mobile. Backup Always.

At the forefront in business security and mobility, we recognise the need for cloud servers that run seamlessly whilst keeping your data protected.

Located in Adelaide, with additional redundancy in Sydney, our two core backup solutions cover all areas of data recovery, with local copies of your data for a speedy restore if required. Enabling you to keep working, whilst we resolve the issue simultaneously on your server.

This extends itself, if you are always on the go with our mobile File Cloud Portal solutions granting you access and storage globally with speeds as if you where in the office.

Let's Discuss


You’ve started to think about advancing your approach to IT, we come to you and discuss how we can help you.


After learning more about your business, we will tailor a strategy to suit your needs and help reach your goals.


Once you are happy with the proposed strategy, we will implement your new IT solutions using the most effective and modern technology.


Locally based, we are dedicated in providing personal support in building a strong business relationship that will last a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on service excellence,
when offering Offsite & Cloud Backup.

Store Everything

Our cloud backups cover Files, SQL, Exchange, System State and more with custom retention settings.

Maximise Uptime

Local spin ups of backups keep you working and your data encrypted for additional security.

Access Anytime

You can check on schedules, logs or recover a file that has been accidentally deleted.

Our Team provides personalised and expert support,
to Australia’s growing businesses.

Be Confident in your I.T & Perform with Excellence!

Have a question in mind?
Feel free to check common questions.

Can I backup more than one device?

Yes, you can have AITS Backup installed on multiple machines. You can access these through a single portal.

How long will it take to restore my system?

It depends on data quantity; however, AITS will visit the Data Centre and copy your data directly and return it to your premises based on the situation and urgency. We will always restore from local copies first as it will always be faster.

How long do you keep data for?

It depends on the backup solutions but generally between 3 and 12 months.

Can I access my data anywhere?

Yes, you can access it from any device with an internet connection e.g. laptop, mobile and desktop computer.

How often do you back up my data?

Anything from once a day to hourly, based on your requirements.

How do you onboard my data to the Cloud?

We take a copy of your data and physically upload or send it to the Data Centre in Adelaide.